Thanks for stopping by! I couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of our new podcast; Real Boise.

Listen Here

Real Boise is podcast for people in Boise, interested in Boise and news about Boise. As a native Boisean, I’m excited to share local news, updates, happenings and nearly anything about Boise. Of course, there will be a fair share of housing updates, Airbnb news, and economic forecasts.

To get things going, I’ve launched the podcast talking about the recent Short Term Rental (STR) restriction proposal. Even though this proposal has been retracted by Mayor Beiter, it’s likely that there will be an ongoing conversation about housing affordability, lack of supply, and how Airbnb’s, STR’s, et al. will affect the future of Boise.

It’s an important conversation to have and in doing just that, I’ve had plenty of conversations that demonstrate the lack of truthful information about STR’s, and Airbnb’s. It’s important that real facts and figures surface before any potential regulation, or talk about regulation takes shape. Only with actual hard facts can we solve the housing affordability issues that are affecting many people in the City of Trees.

Please listen along and join in the conversation and have an actual impact on the future of our amazing city. Also, please share, comment and do whatever possible to get the word out about this podcast, Real Boise.